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Each year, every year, new mothers face all sorts of challenges in their mothering – some expected, and many entirely surprising.

Thinking about balancing children, life, relationships and work, the perennial question women pose is ‘Can I have it all?’ – but sometimes the truer question is, ‘Can I get through this?’

Discussing with eleven extraordinary women what it means to be a mother, Jessica Rowe reveals the obstacles they encountered along the way, the joys and the heartache, the myths and the realities. Featuring exceptionally honest conversations with these fascinating women-Lisa McCune, Heidi Middleton, Elizabeth Broderick, Wendy Harmer, Collette Dinnigan, Maggie Tabberer, Tina Arena, Quentin Bryce, Nova Peris, Gail Kelly, Darcey Bussell and a chapter from Jessica herself-the ultimately joyous and shared nature of the motherhood journey is revealed.

With humour and great humanity, Love. Wisdom. Motherhood. is inspirational.

There is nothing romantic, glamorous or even remotely colourful about manic-depressive illness.’ – Penelope Rowe

I never felt embarrassed by Mum’s illness but I did feel powerless when faced with her depression.’ – Jessica Rowe

Penelope and Jessica Rowe have something in common, Bipolar disorder. Penelope has lived with it for over forty-five years although she was not diagnosed until her early thirties. Jessica has lived with it all her life – as the eldest child of an ill mother. This is their story about coping with an unpredictable enemy, and the way in which, with the support of family and friends, they managed to get through each day and survive.

Penelope brought up her three daughters as a single mother, struggled in a variety of jobs, published novels and short stories and, became a regular face on the wards of mental hospitals.